BIRTHFIT Curriculum: Workshop

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The BIRTHFIT Workshop is a delightful service to offer your community quarterly. The workshop can have a preconception, prenatal, or postpartum focus* as long as you cover the basics of the BIRTHFIT philosophy and four pillars. It’s a simple way to let mothers, fathers, and parents and other professionals within your community know that you are available and can hold a safe space for their choices and journey.

This is for those who have completed the BIRTHFIT Education, submitted their application, and are a current BIRTHFIT certificate holder. This curriculum is available for all BIRTHFIT Leaders to teach. 

This is the template for the BIRTHFIT Workshop. We hope that you will utilize your education, expertise, and experience to suggest options for your client(s) based on the needs and desires they’ve shared with you. This document can be used in its entirety during a BIRTHFIT Workshop.